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GemSys Portable Magnetometer-GPS Unit

Our portable magnetometer ensures rapid collection of high quality ground magnetic data. Terra Search provides specialised survey crews to expedite your geophysical field data capture and modelling.

Magnetometer Data Points Around Australia

Mag Surveys to Oct 2014

186 survey areas completed

30 survey areas completed

11 survey areas completed

1 survey area completed

1 survey area completed

GSM-19W Overhauser Magnetometer with onboard GPS

The Gemsys Portable Magnetometer-GPS Unit:

  • Operated by trained bush oriented crews
  • Eliminated expensive gridding procedures
  • No environmental footprint
  • Rapid data collection and analysis
  • Onboard GPS receiver
  • Advanced processing
  • Compact, robust, easy to assemble field kit
  • Works together with a magnetic susceptibility reader
  • TMI, DEM, RTP, and 1VD

Other Mag services available through Terra Search include:

  • In field data levelling and gridding
  • Data and image processing
  • Modelling
  • Map production
  • Interpretation
  • Dataset integration

Mag Data


Mag Data Outcomes

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