Dr. Simon Beams


Dr Simon Beams

Principal Geologist
Managing Director

BSc Hons (First Class) Australian National University (1975)
PhD (Geology) La Trobe University (1980)

Over 45 years of experience

A Geologist since 1975, Simon has been the Managing Director and Principal geologist of Terra Search Pty Ltd since 1987.  Simon began with Esso Minerals in 1980 with projects exploring for gold, base metals and other commodities in the Lachlan Fold Belt, NQ.  Simon has played a key role in the discovery and evaluation of several prospects/deposits in North Queensland including:

  • Grevillea
  • Reward
  • Mt Dalrymple
  • Mt Mackenzie

He has evaluated numerous additional exploration properties throughout Australia.

An active member in geological societies

  • Geological Society Australia,
  • Australasian Institute Mining & Metallurgy
  • Society Economic Geologists
  • Association of Exploration Geochemists
  • Australian Geoscience Information Association



An extensive history as Project Leader

Simon has extensive experience with database projects throughout Australia and Papua New Guinea.  In Mid 2002 Terra Search was awarded a World Bank funded GIS project aimed at Institutional Strengthening of the Department of Mining in PNG.  This project involved converting and value-adding to PNG’s open file data resource into a comprehensive digital data set that has been made accessible to modern GIS systems.

From 1993 to 1995 Simon was the Project Leader of AMIRA P413.  The project saw the compilation and analysis of the exploration of the Mt Isa Block, QLD, and was sponsored by 15 major mining and exploration companies (including the Queensland Department of Natural Resources and Mines – QDNRM).  In the process of this project, Terra Search developed the Explorer 3 Database – a comprehensive management system for exploration data.  Explorer 3 is now installed and implemented across a number of major mining houses and government geological surveys and is available for purchase through Terra Search.

From 1995 – 1997 Simon was again Project Leader of the AMIRA P413A Eastern Queensland Project, and was Co-Leader of Lachlan Fold Belt exploration data research.  He also was involved with the NSW Department of Mineral Resources (Discovery 2000 Project) and the Geological Survey of Victoria (VIMP Project).

A strong foundation in geological research and publications

Dr Beams has produced several key publications in the areas of

  • Mineral deposit geology and geochemistry
  • Exploration data management
  • Regolith relations
  • Petrology and granite genesis
  • Regional geology of North Queensland

Simon also has a long history of involvement with Government Instrumentalities in producing regional geological maps.

Simon has produced several key publications in the areas of mineral deposit geology and geochemistry, exploration data management, regolith relations, petrology and granite genesis and regional geology of North Queensland.