Tenement Management

Tenement Management & Land Access Services

Landowner, Native Title and Cultural Heritage Liaison & Compliance Advice

In 2012, the Queensland State Government introduced the Minerals Resource Management Centre, to be based in Townsville. This was implemented in order to integrate all mineral related government submissions into a North Queensland mineral ‘hub’.

Based upon this change and taking into account its’ broad exploration experience, Terra Search has expanded to supply a range of tenement management support services, to assist clients in navigating through their legal requirements- ensuring their assets are protected.

Building on over 25 years local experience in the exploration industry, Terra Search has established firm relationships with both local landholders and Cultural Heritage custodians. This has played an essential part in ensuring field exploration runs smoothly and swiftly. Our tenement management and land access services compliment this process.


Our relationships with land owners have proved pivotal in getting our staff on the ground, without fuss in the shortest possible timeframe.
Terra Search is pleased to compliment this achievement with the following services:
  • Drafting and negotiating land access agreements
  • Issuing timely notification to landowners and lodging the relevant government documentation
  • Maintaining co-operative relationships between permit holders, landowners and other stakeholders
  • Provision of maps, map data and landholder title and contact information

Native Title and & Cultural Heritage

Complying with Native Title and Cultural Heritage obligations can be a complex and time consuming process. Terra Search has substantial experience in collaborating with local Native Title claimants and Indigenous groups, providing assistance with:
  • The assessment of Native Title and/ or Cultural Heritage obligations
  • Representation to the National Native Title Tribunal and the negotiation of Native Title and Cultural Heritage agreements
  • Organizing Cultural Heritage site clearance and monitoring arrangements as required

Compliance, Sub-block Retention and Statutory Obligations

From October 2012, the Department of Natural Resources and Mines announced a broad series of operational policies targeting holder compliance with permit obligations. Non-compliance can result in the loss of some or all of the permit area.
Terra Search offers assistance in identifying your compliance criteria and ensures permits remain intact and in good standing with Government protocol. Our services include;
  • Provision of maps, map data and landholder title and contact information; issue of entry notice information to landholders
  • Substantial experience in negotiating exploration agreements with Native Title parties and ensuring cultural heritage obligations are met
  • Tenement monitoring, ensuring compliance with relevant acts of legislation and securing tenement assets
  • Technical and statutory assistance including; lodgement of permit applications, renewals, transfers, relinquishments, variation requests and reports
  • Due diligence and Competent Person Reports