Travers Davies


Travers Davies

Field Manager

Our invaluable Field Manager

Travers began at Terra Search in 2005 after a lenghtly career in hotel management in QLD and NSW. He worked for 6 months as a field assistant in QLD and NT covering many aspects of exploration. Travers was promoted to Field Manager so that Terra Search could best ulilize his skills in management. He has been an invaluable member of the Terra Search team ever since.

Travers services a vast client base, setting up and running field programs throughout Australia. He is also the logistics manager of All Terrain Drilling (ATD) QLD Pty Ltd, which is part owned by Terra Search.

Travers oversees the maintenance of our fleet of Toyotas and organises ground mag, DGPS, XRF, drilling, soil sampling, rehab projects etc. He is responsibe for training our crew to set up field camps in remote locations and also oversees the geologists and field technicians on site.

Travers is certified with

  • Senior First Aid
  • 4WD operation and recovery
  • ATV operation
  • Certificate II in Conservation and Land Management (weed and seed inspector)
  • Niton trained and licenced

Exploration experience includes:

  • Drilling and sampling programs
  • Soil and rock chip sampling
  • Ground magnetic surveys
  • Core sawing
  • Camp set up
  • Uranium exploration.

As Field Manager Travers is involved in staff training, general client liaison, matching staff skills with job requirements, organizing logistics, personnel general and project specific inductions, preparing vehicles, gear, equipment, safety checks, procurement of exploration consumables, provisioning, and daily safety monitoring for field campaigns.