August 14, 2019
soil sampling using Ranger ATV.

Exploration Soil Sampling using Ranger ATV

Exploration Soil Sampling using Ranger ATV is a classic technique for identifying geochemical anomalies in prospective terrain.  While the basic pick and under/over sieve haven’t changed
August 1, 2019

From Granites to Mineral Exploration: The Bruce Chappell Symposium

FROM GRANITES TO MINERAL EXPLORATION Dr Simon D Beams, 1998.  Granites, Island Arcs, the Mantle, and Ore Deposits – A symposium held jointly between GEMOC and
September 2, 2017
Location of Rocklands project area on the nose of the northeast plunging Duck Creek Anticline, Quamby-Malbon Zone, Eastern Succession, Mt Isa Inlier. Faults and major units shown.

Rocklands Copper-Cobalt-Gold Deposits, Cloncurry: Geology and Mineralisation.

Geology and Mineralisation of the Rocklands Copper-Cobalt-Gold Deposits, Cloncurry District, North West Queensland, Australia Simon D. Beams  in “Smart Science for Exploration and Mining” P. J. Williams